Here to Serve

We take great pride in serving our employees by giving them tools to help them achieve their goals, and providing them with recognition along the way. Education is an important component of this initiative. We offer leadership and business training through Tacala Leadership University (TLU), company funded GED certification and the opportunity to apply for college and vocational school scholarships.


“My name is Tabs DuVall, and I joined the Tacala team in 2017. I am a Market Training Leader, and I lead our North Leander location in Leander, Texas. Tacala truly cares for their employees and makes it feel like a family. Join our team and become a part of our Tacala family!”

Favorite Taco Bell Menu Item: Crunchy Chicken Taco

If you could design a sauce packet, what would it say? “Sauce Boss!”

Gabriel Turner joined the Tacala Family in 2006, and is currently the Restaurant Leader at our UAB location in Birmingham, Alabama. Gabriel says he loves interacting with his customers and his team, and he is motivated by his career and his Teammates to take the opportunity every day to do better than the previous day!

What is your favorite Taco Bell menu item? Cheesy Gordita Crunch

If you could design a sauce packet, what would it say? MILD SAUCE!

“I’m Amanda Moore, and I am a Field Training Coach for Tacala’s East Region. I started my Tacala journey over 25 years ago as has a part-time cashier while in high school, and I never imagined it would lead to such a rewarding career. I’ve worked in each restaurant position, including being a Market Training Leader at our Shallowford Road location in Chattanooga, Tennessee. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the best leaders, who believed in me and allowed me to “grow and glow” with a company that truly cares for their people like family. My goal is to pay it forward and pass along that same love and understanding to those that I now have the privilege to lead and teach.”

Favorite Taco Bell Menu Item: Bean Burrito without onion

If you could design a sauce packet, what would it say? A Little Spice of Heaven

Beth Dunaway joined the Tacala family in 2019, and she is now the Restaurant Leader in Daleville, Alabama. Her favorite part about her job is serving and interacting with her team and their customers. Beth is working hard towards her goals of becoming a Market Training Leader and a North Star Winner!

Favorite Taco Bell Menu Item: Cheesy Gordita Crunch

If you could design a sauce packet, what would it say? Some Like it Hot!

Tacala Leadership University

Tacala Leadership University (TLU) offers classes for Shift Leaders, Restaurant Leaders, and Area Coaches teaching them leadership skills, team building and the importance of serving others. Leaders and Coaches also have the opportunity to learn communication, customer service and business skills. TLU is one of the many ways we invest in our teams and set them up for success.


Our recognition culture is designed to reward excellence and encourage our teams and leaders to perform their best, strive to advance their career and consistently deliver positive results. Rewards and recognition come in many forms including bonuses, shout outs, fun events, trophies, pizza parties, company paid vacations and more.

Team Tacala Scholarships

In 2014, Tacala initiated the Team Tacala Scholarship fund to provide team members who were graduating High School or enrolled in college with access to scholarship support removing a financial barrier to post-secondary education. Funded by the company as well as proceeds from the Team Tacala Scholarships Golf Experience, Team Tacala Charities has awarded over 450 scholarships.

We are proud to support and encourage the future thinkers, doers and leaders of our country.

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