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Spring is in the air, and it is officially scholarship season! Tacala has committed to encouraging our teen Team Members to pursue post-secondary education to prepare for the future and help them achieve their dreams by minimizing the financial burden of college and vocational schools through the Team Tacala Scholarship! Since 2014 Team Tacala Charities has awarded over $1.6M in scholarships to our teen Team Members.

Angie, Bernard, and Tiauna are Team Tacala Scholarship winners who want to encourage others to apply for this year’s scholarships. Keep reading to learn more about their scholarship experiences and educational journeys.

“I received the Team Tacala Scholarship in 2019, 2020, and 2021. The Team Tacala Scholarship helped make my education possible. It helped me to pay for school fees, books and supplies, and without it, I could not have afforded to attend school. I have been studying for my Associate’s degree in both History and Philosophy at Northeast State community college, and I am transferring to East Tennessee State University in the Fall. My short-term goal is to earn my Bachelor’s degree, and my long-term goal is to become a college History Professor. I plan to continue to apply for scholarships as long as I am eligible, and as a Professor I will encourage my students to apply for scholarships, as well. I encourage my teammates to apply for the Team Tacala Scholarship and any other scholarship they are eligible for by sharing my educational story, and reminding them it is never too late to go back to school or learn something new. My studies have taught me how to treat and approach others, provide great customer service, and how to be a team player and an encouraging coworker. These skills help me in my job at Taco Bell, and will also help me in future jobs. I am very thankful for the scholarship funds I have received from Team Tacala!”

– Angela Hubbard, Team Trainer, Elizabethton, Tennessee


“I’m a Restaurant Leader in Phenix City, Alabama, and thanks to Tacala’s focus on education, I was able to attend college while leading one of our busiest locations. I received a Team Tacala Scholarship in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and I graduated from Chattahoochee Valley Community College in 2019 with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science Information Technology. The Team Tacala Scholarship relieved some stress about extra school expenses and allowed me to save extra funds to go towards my tuition.

My degree has given me experience with technical troubleshooting and resolving network issues, and it has come in handy working with SOS Taco and resolving tech issues in my restaurant. I am very familiar with most of the equipment and technology in our restaurants, and being fluent with tech verbiage allows me to easily communicate with Field Techs and SOS Taco.

I’m relentless when it comes to encouraging the high school seniors or current college students on my team to apply for the Team Tacala Scholarship. As a three-time Team Tacala Scholarship recipient, I am a living testimony of how Tacala can help guide and aid you on your educational journey, and I encourage my team to apply and reap the same rewards I did. I love being a part of the Tacala family and my role as a Restaurant Leader! Working alongside my team and peers brings me joy, and the most fulfilling thing about my career is helping others on my team grow and flourish into their best selves! One of the ways I can help them flourish is by encouraging them to apply for the Team Tacala Scholarship.

My career goals are to continue to flourish professionally with Tacala in food service operations and one day join Tacala’s Field Tech Team, and my educational goals are to earn my Bachelor’s degree at Troy University or Columbus State University.

I appreciate Team Tacala and Tacala’s Senior Leadership for investing their time and resources in me. Thank you Tacala!”

– Bernard Evans, Restaurant Leader in Phenix City, Alabama


“I am a Taco Bell Service Champion at Shallowford Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I received my first Team Tacala Scholarship in 2021, and I plan to apply again this year. The Team Tacala Scholarship has been very helpful in paying additional fees outside of my tuition. I am studying Business Management and Human Resources at Tennessee State University, and I plan to graduate in 2025. One of my class assignments is to give an informative speech, and I’ve chosen to speak to my class about the benefits of working for Taco Bell and the Team Tacala Scholarship.

In the future I hope to own my own business, and I think a degree in Business Management and my experience at Taco Bell will help me be a successful business owner.”

– Tiauna Tazewell, Service Champion in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Thank you to all of our Team Tacala Charities sponsors, donors, and the Tacala Senior Leadership Team for helping fund these life changing scholarships!

Eligible employees can apply for the 2022 Team Tacala Charities Scholarship at! All applications must be submitted by March 31, 2022.

If you have any questions about the Team Tacala Charities Scholarship please email us at