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When was the last time someone helped you when you were in need? Maybe some friends helped you move houses or a coworker brought you dinner while you were sick. Whatever the activity, these small acts of service can have a huge impact on both the giver and the receiver. Volunteering can have the same impact though the recipient(s) may or may not be known to you. Volunteering is necessary to strengthen our communities and is a huge part of Tacala’s DNA. That is why April is designated as Worldwide Volunteer Month a time to celebrate the people who selflessly serve others, and a time to find ways to positively impact the world… one community at a time.

Tacala works hard as an organization to help better the communities where we do business. While our primary focus is on teens, we don’t stop there. Our Field Teams step up wherever they see a need in their neighborhoods. Our teams have been able to help Boys and Girls Clubs, school systems, nursing homes, and so much more.

Recently, Area Director, Carrie Brown, and some of her team volunteered in Eufaula, Alabama at the city’s Easter Egg Hunt. Carrie was joined by Restaurant Leaders Kaitlyn Barton from Andalusia and Maleeka Brinson from Eufaula, along with a special guest from Human Resources, Kaloeb Morris. This dedicated team of four helped serve however they were needed from holding flashlights to making sure everyone had a fun and safe time. They even donated Taco Bell coupons and merch to the festival. They saw a need in their community and stepped up to the plate.

This “here to serve” mentality can be seen all throughout our Field Teams! Area Coach, Mike Howard, donated food prepared by himself and his team to the Pell City Boys and Girls Club’s end-of-year party. Another great example is Restaurant Leader, Beth Hatfield, and her team at North Clinton partnering with a local nursing home to help provide residents with essential gifts and fun goodies.

We even had our teams from Bryan and College Station, Texas partner with the Brazos Boys and Girls Club to teach them how to make a perfect taco. We are so thankful and proud of our teams for giving their time, energy and heart to members of their communities.







Are you looking for a way to reach out to your community? Here are some ways you can volunteer this month and every month:

  1. It’s almost graduation season, reach out to your nearest Boys and Girls Club and see how you can help support and celebrate their graduating members!
  2. Organize a canned food drive with your team! Create a friendly competition between restaurants in your area and see who can collect the most cans!
  3. Connect with the high schools in your community and see what ways they need help. From donating coupons to the PTSA to helping high schoolers apply for Taco Bell, the sky is the limit.


How will you make volunteering a priority? Let us know so we can recognize you on our Social Media platforms!