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Ever since our school days we’ve often associated summertime with vacation time.  One of the biggest decisions we face when planning a vacation is where to go while factoring in important things like how many days you can be away and how much money you have to spend. If you are looking for a way to unwind this summer, we have some suggestions from members of the Tacala team for their favorite vacation spots – all within a short drive from one of our stores. Whether it is just one day off, a long weekend, or even a full week away from work these are the perfect destinations for quick and easy getaways.


Alabama Field Training Coach, Zaria Johnson’s Picks:

Vacation Spot #1:
Destin, Florida
What to Do There:
Zaria loves any beach but her favorite is Destin, Florida. Off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is known for its white sandy beaches. When you’re visiting you have to walk along the boardwalk and Henderson State Park. If you need a break from the beach, Zaria recommends checking out Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park, they have over 40 water attractions and so much more.


Vacation Spot #2: Atlanta, Georgia

What to Do There: Zaria loves spending her off days at Six Flags over Georgia. They have huge roller coasters for thrill seekers as well as smaller attractions for families and kids. Don’t let the heat discourage you from attending, they also have water rides that are perfect to fight the summer heat!



South Georgia Market Coach, Jesse McCants’ Picks:

Vacation Spot #1: Coco Beach, Florida
What to Do There:
Coco Beach has all the normal attractions of a good beach like great seafood, state parks, golf and so much more. But what really makes it special is its connection to the Kennedy Space Center. Here you can see space launch sites and other iconic space exploration artifacts. It’s the perfect way to relax while getting to see parts of history.


Vacation Spot #2: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

What to Do There:  Jesse loves going to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with his grandkids. Dollywood is a Dolly Parton theme park that is set in the Appalachian Mountains. Dollywood has roller coasters, shows, museums, a water park, and more. There are over 50 different attractions along with classic southern dining options in the park. Dollywood even won the Golden Ticket award for 4 years in a row for being so friendly, guaranteeing that you and your family will have a great time.


Birmingham RSC, VP of Development, Mike Grey’s Pick:

Vacation Spot: Sugar Mountain, North Carolina

What to Do There: Sugar Mountain is known for its ski resort which is what Mike recommends but there is still plenty to do when visiting in the summer. There are hiking trails, scenic ski lift rides, and golf courses to enjoy in the summer month. This is a perfect place to put on your travel list for the winter months if you want to plan ahead!


Chattanooga Market Coach, Mike Byrd’s Picks:

Vacation Spot #1: Harrogate, Tennessee

What to Do There: According to Mike, Harrogate is the perfect spot for our history buffs to visit. Harrogate is the home of Lincoln Memorial University which houses the Abraham Lincoln

Library and Museum. The museum walks through Abraham Lincoln’s life, presidency, and assassination. The exhibition is the largest private collection of Lincoln and Civil War material in the world. This is a perfect spot to get away while learning something new.


Vacation Spot #2: Sweetwater, Tennessee 
What to Do There:
Another one of Mike’s favorite vacation spots is the Lost Sea Adventure in Sweetwater. They offer nature trails, a sweet shop, a gem mine, cave exploration and even a glass blower. But what they are most known for is being home to America’s largest underground lake. After hiking ¾ of a mile through the cave you arrive at the underground lake. Here you get to enjoy a boat ride on the lake before returning back up!


Birmingham RSC, Director of Development, Blaine Salem’s Pick

Vacation Spot: Tybee Island, Georgia

What to Do There: Tybee Island is a small island off of the coast of Savannah. It is different from other beach towns because it has a historic atmosphere with several different beaches to explore. The most unique beach being Little Tybee Island which is an uninhabited nature preserve. Blaine says all the restaurants in town are worth eating at but the most notable is Sundae Café at Tybee which was featured on The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”


Austin Market Coach, Gubiel Aviles’ Picks:

Vacation Spot #1: Dripping Springs, Texas

What to Do There: If you’re looking to spend the day in nature then Hamilton Pool Reserve is the perfect place. This nature reserve has a quarter of a mile hike that leads to a natural spring pool. The natural pool is in a canyon 50-ft below a waterfall. Depending on the parks guidelines you may be able to enjoy the end of your hike by cooling off in the water!


Vacation Spot #2: Austin, Texas

What to Do There: One of Gubiel’s favorite ways to spend an off day in the summer is at the Barton Springs Municipal Pool. Barton Springs has something for everyone. They are known for their outdoor swimming pool that is filled by the nearby natural springs, but they have so much more. They have volleyball courts, bike trails, pickleball courts, botanical gardens, and even food trucks. You can even see the Austin sky line while enjoying your day in the park!



Vacation Spot #3: New Braunfels, Texas

What to Do There: The perfect way to beat the Texas heat is at Schlitterbahn’s New Braunfels Waterpark and Resort. Gubiel loves coming with his family to enjoy the rides

and swimming pools. If you are looking for a more relaxing day, they also have swimming pools with swim up bars, lazy rivers, and cabanas!


Bainbridge, GA Restaurant Leader, Kendrick Bailey’s Pick

Vacation Spot: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

What to Do There: Kendrick refers to Gatlinburg as a home away from home. Kendrick loves to escape the normal day hustle and bustle by relaxing in the Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg offers several hiking trails as well as a sky lift to help immerse yourself in the mountains. However, if you want a more upbeat atmosphere Kendrick recommends making the short trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Here there are more tourist attractions to experience!


Knoxville Area Coach, Josh Reagan

Vacation Spot: Destin, Florida (a repeat destination!)
What to Do There: Josh likes to keep it simple when in Destin and enjoys spending his day relaxing on the beach.  When Josh is not at the beach, he likes to explore the local eats of the area. Destin has lots of fresh seafood options that you can walk to from the beach making it a perfect place for seafood lovers to visit.



Where will you be traveling this summer? Let us know if you are going to check out any of our team’s vacation picks or if there is a hot spot that we missed.