Talk of Tacala

Jose Jaime

“My name is Jose Jaime, I am the Tacala Area Coach for Uvalde and Laredo, Texas. Joining the Tacala family has had an extraordinary impact on my life, and has improved my professional career to a level I never thought was possible. Tacala has taught me to serve with compassion and kindness, and I’ve experienced the impact a “Here to Serve” attitude can have on others. I am enamored with how Tacala cares and supports their employees by providing scholarship opportunities for their team members to continue their education, pursue their life’s passions, and achieve their goals. Being part of the Tacala family has been and continues to be an amazing experience, and I encourage anyone to join the Tacala family and start a career with us.”

Favorite Taco Bell Menu Item: Dorito Loco Tacos

If you could design a sauce packet, what would it say? “Is it getting Chili in here?!”