Talk of Tacala


Tacala has a lot to be thankful for this year, including each and every member of our Tacala family. A few of our Tacala family members are sharing what they are thankful for and how they are giving back and serving others this Thanksgiving!

“I am thankful for my Area Coach, Janece Robison & my job at Tacala. My career has rewarded me many great times and opportunities. I’m thankful to Janece for giving me a chance, and I repeatedly tell her how thankful I am for her. I show up every day, work hard, and give 100% to show my appreciation and hopefully help make her job easier. I show my team my appreciation by rewarding them, throwing holiday parties, celebrating birthdays, showing I care, and setting them up for success.”
– Blake Chaney, Restaurant Leader, Boaz, Alabama



“I am thankful for my Tacala family, especially my team and Assistant Leader, Marketta! I’ve battled some illnesses over the past year, and my team was quick to rearrange their schedules and were willing to work overtime to make sure our store ran smoothly while I was out recovering. Marketta had to have a hip replacement earlier this year, but she was determined to work 5 days a week until the day before her surgery to make sure everyone on our team was able to take their vacations. I love my team! We are truly family.”
Pam Hill, Market Training Leader, Birmingham, Alabama



“I am super thankful for Tacala and everything they do for me and everyone in our company! My family and I will be giving thanks to a great year for each of us! This coming year my wife and I are expecting our first child, a baby boy, and my younger brother and his wife are also expecting their first child. Needless to say, I have never been a happier man!
This Thanksgiving I am recognizing everyone on my team. They put their heart and soul into taking care of our customers every day, and I am grateful to work with the most passionate group of individuals. My job would be a lot harder if it wasn’t for them and their support!”
Stephen Fleming, Restaurant Leader, East Ridge, Tennessee


“I am thankful to work with such an amazing Accounting Team at the Birmingham RSC. Each person on our team has their own special strengths to add to our department, and they are always willing to help others and make sure to support our team members in the field with a Here to Serve attitude. I always try to show my appreciation by taking time to listen to the needs of my team and others within the company. As an action-minded person my goal is to always show my gratitude by helping others no matter the task. There is no issue too big or small. Everyone’s needs are important and I make every attempt to help with a positive can-do attitude.”
– Kristy Ezell, Controller, Birmingham, Alabama


“I am thankful for my friends and family for supporting me as I grow with Tacala and Taco Bell and with all of my college needs. Their support means a lot to me as I work hard to achieve all of my goals in life. I want to bring all of our families, friends, and communities back together after the pandemic, and I’m looking forward to my family gatherings to show my family thanks and gratitude this holiday season.”
– Dalton Strunk, Team Trainer, Oneida, Tennessee




“This Thanksgiving I am thankful that we are in a country, where there is freedom. I am thankful to be able to support and help others. I am thankful that I can bring joy to others and be able to share my life with my family and friends. I am showing my gratitude to my family and friends this thanksgiving, by hosting Thanksgiving dinner and creating memories with them.”
–  Deborah Wilson, HR/LP Coach, North Alabama




“This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for a team that loves and cares for each other like family. They all give 100% every day, and we work together to provide outstanding service for our customers. I am also grateful for my team’s passion for helping our community by fundraising for the Taco Bell Foundation.
I show my gratitude by thanking the team every day and making sure they know I love and care for each of them. I try to make them feel special by giving recognition and celebrating their big life events and achievements.”
– LaShay Barnett, Market Training Leader, Johnson City, Tennessee


“I am thankful for many things, and I have learned to count my blessings daily.  This year I am especially thankful that my mother will have all of her children and grandchildren home for the holidays now that my brother has relocated back to the States from Australia.  I am hosting a family gathering and game night for 53 of my family members on the Friday after Thanksgiving to celebrate the gift of family.
To give back this year my husband and I plan to serve hot meals and pass out toiletries to those in need in our community through Building Anointing Marriages (BAM) ministries. My family is also donating blankets, comforters, and socks to local shelters.”
–  Taura Rush, HR/LP Coach, Central and South Alabama


Happy Thanksgiving! We appreciate everyone showing gratitude and kindness this holiday season!